Calling For Presenters - please submit now!


2019 theme: the Actor's Audition preparation for success 

January 4-6 2019, New York City

Developed by Belinda Mello, Ann Rodiger

Including a Pre Conference for Alexander Technique Teachers and Trainees
Freedom to ACT is in its 8th year! Join our growing community of artists and teachers

calling for presenters

Apply to be a presenter: submission deadline: June 15, 2018

We are seeking presentations that highlight the ways actors gain an advantage from integrating the Alexander Technique with their Acting Process.  

Our 2019 theme is The Actor's Audition Preparation and Success

  • Preparing for an audition with Alexander Technique

  • Using Alexander Technique during each moment of the audition process

  • How to use the Alexander Technique to help the actor stand out

  • Maintaining a calm and steady presence during the audition process

The Freedom to ACT conference welcomes people of all Alexander Technique skill levels and understandings to take workshops together. Actors, acting teachers or coaches, AT teachers and trainees all attend this conference. Unless otherwise specified, presentational materials need to be applicable and inclusive to all.

We anticipate workshops will be 2 hours in length. Over the years we have found that participatory and observational sessions work best.

Please Note:
This year we are also looking for workshops that might lead to a short 5 minute performance.

If you would like to discuss your ideas or need help applying your idea to a broader group, you are welcome to contact us: Belinda Mello and Ann Rodiger

What to include in your Application:

  • Title of presentation
  • Brief description of your presentation
  • Experience level for whom your presentation is intended
  • Brief bio (70 words) - you can include a url for more detail
  • Photo for Freedom to ACT promotional materials
  • Type of participation you expect your presentation to be: e.g. lecture, demonstration, participation, or a combination.
  • Technical requirements needed for your presentation
  • Size of room needed for your presentation

Please submit your proposal to both of these email addresses: and

Deadline to Apply: June 15th, 2018
We will get back to you by August 1st regarding your participation.

We are offering the following to Conference Presenters:

  • Choice of $100 honorarium or 2 free workshops.
  • One free student scholarship to one of your students (for a single workshop of their choice)
  • Presenters Supper on Saturday evening
  • Because we hope that Presenters will attend the entire conference, Presenters will be offered a chance to register early at the student discount rate.