Freedom to ACT
Conference on acting and the alexander technique

January 10 - 12, 2020, New York City

Developed by Belinda Mello and Ann Rodiger

at the Balance ARTs Center: 151 West 30th Street, 3rd Floor

Join us for the 9th year of Freedom to Act.  We are pleased to offer workshops, presentations, and lively discussions with familiar and new presenters. 

on camera presence

We are excited to focus the 2020 Freedom to Act Conference on how the Alexander Technique supports On Camera Presence. During the conference you will experience and observe others working on camera -- learning about how to be more authentic and powerful in this medium.

We will focus on preparation, training, and practice including voice and movement.  Sessions will include auditioning on camera, cold reads, self-taping and meeting with casting directors.

The AT is a foundational approach to being authentic and free from restrictive patterns.  Professional actors and actors in training use the AT to become more fully alive in their bodies and voices.

The Freedom to ACT conference welcomes people of all Alexander Technique skill levels and understandings to take workshops together. Actors, acting teachers or coaches, AT teachers and trainees all attend this conference. Unless otherwise specified, presentations are inclusive to all.